King AEthelstan – ‘The Noble Stone”.

AEthelstan was born in the year 924 CE, the son of Edward the Elder and grandson of Alfred the Great; his mother was King Edward’s mistress, Egwina. AEthelstan was crowned King of the English on July 17th 925 at Kingstone-on-Thames – at the Kings Stone.

In 926 Eadhild, sister to AEthelstan, was married to Hugh, Duke of the Franks, and this brought the gift of the Sword of Constantine the Great with (it is said) one of the nails from the Cross in its hilt. It also brought the famous Heilige Lance, an heirloom of Charles the Saxon-Slayer. Another sister, Edith, married the eldest son of Heinrich the Fowler, Prince Otto. This marriage, according to these accounts, brought the Heilige Lance into the hands of King AEthelstan.

AEthestan’s conquest of Danish Northumbria secured the foundation of the English Nation, a process started by Alfred and continued by Edward the Elder. Between 927 and 931 AEthelstan broke the resistance of the Welsh Kings who submitted to his overlordship – Dyfed, Gwynedd, Morgannwg, Gwent and Brycheinog. He then crushed the West Welsh of Cornwall, and thus established the borders of England. On 7th June 930, on the twenty-first day of the Moon, he proclaimed at Nottingham –

I AEthelstan, King of the English, elevated to the throne of the whole Kingdom of Britain.’

Amounderness Charter.

AEthelstan had united Saxon and Dane into the Kingdom of England; he then defeated the Welsh, the Scots under King Constantine & Norsemen under Olaf, son of Guthfrith, somewhere between the Mersey and the Solway at Brunanburh. AEthelstan and Edmund, his brother, led the West Saxons and Mercians to victory. The battle scene of Brunanburg shows in its sequel King AEthelstan holding a spear after his victory. AEthelstan never lost a battle. His tomb, it appears, is in Magdeburg, Germany. One of the things he is credited with is the establishment of a formal organisation for masons, which may have led to the creation of the Freemasons Guilds.

AEthelstan’s brother, Edmund, was the English King from 939 – 946 CE and he restored the England built by AEthelstan. He died on May 26th 946 CE. Thus the English Nation was founded – it would seem – using the famous Spear of Destiny or Heilige Lance which was said to have been that which pierced the side of the Krist. Recent advances in testing seem to have shown that the ancient spear was not as old as the ‘crucifixion’ but date back too the 7th Century CE, which would make it more likely that this was the Sacred Spear of the Merovingian Franks. The ruling lines of the Sigambrian Franks seem to have been the most famous Germanic Tribe – the Wolsungas.

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