The Englisc Scene

Woden’s Folk stands for the English Folk and the Germanic Folk of these islands, as well as those who consider themselves to be from English roots wherever they are around the world. We have always adhered to a religious stance, even though our critics try to maintain otherwise. This is because we are a religious group, or rather we are a number of religious groups working within the Woden Folk-Community. Our stance for the English Folk has drawn us towards the ‘Englisc Scene’ in the past and within this we have gained a great respect for our work. But things changed.

The ‘Englisc Scene’ was, from the very start, full of people who did nothing but fall out among themselves, with the incessant bickering and squabbling on social network ‘forums’. This scene was so narrow-minded and so pathetic in regard to its lack of any ideology or any weltanshauung that it was doomed to failure as soon as it began. Such has proven to be the case and the whole thing is now in disarray – and not just due to the Old Order setting out deliberately to destroy the whole thing. 

Most of those concerned could get no further than the ‘Norman Invasion’, harking back to some ‘Anglo-Saxon’ times instead of recognising the need for a new movement for the English in these times. The farcical use of Old English on a poster put the icing on the cake! At least a dozen people in England would have understood it – and the White Dragon is rising! 

After a few years of working with some of the people concerned in the ‘Englisc Scene’, and its narrow-minded ‘civic nationalism’, we moved away and took up a completely different stance in order to ensure a future for the English Folk-Nation. We have always promoted a ‘Germanic’ stance rather than the narrow-minded one that many took up, a stance which was negative and self-destructive – as was proven right over time. 

From the start we avoided ‘social media’ and ‘forums’ which were always the centre for the arguments – we warned others of this at the time. We had taken this stance from the beginning and Woden’s Folk is still going just as strong as ever whilst the rest is in disarray! We have never taken the road to the ‘numbers game’ which in the short term may seem to gain ground, but in the end it can only lead to disorder and total failure.

Now, please do not think that I am knocking those who took this way, because that is not the case. I am merely commenting on what we knew would happen eventually, and hopefully lessons will be learned by everyone who was part of this ‘Englisc Scene’ and everyone concerned with the English Awakening. THIS IS NOT THE END, JUST A NEW BEGINNING!

Yes, there are lessons to be learned but when ‘Englisc Nationalism’ arose it failed to learn the lessons that should have been learned within British Nationalism. Lessons that were never learned, and were then repeated in the ‘Englisc Scene’. And yet within this once growing movement were many dedicated and intelligent people who took up the struggle as a life’s work.This is the tragedy of the whole thing but from what I see some of these have not given up but are willing to go on with this struggle for English Freedom.

There is now a void that needs to be filled, and this can now be filled by a Folkish Heathen Religion that will dissociate itself from the dying world-age and its alien Judaeo-Christian Religion. When these people can recognise that WODEN is their god, and that this is the god that guides us towards our True Destiny, then we shall be able to continue on course and arise again from the ashes of the destruction caused from outside and from within. The Woden Folk-Religion is the only established heathen religion guiding the English Folk, and has been established for nearly 18 years, so it is there and ready to grow as the need arises. 

The future will belong to some form of ENGLISH MOVEMENT, dropping the ‘Englisc’ forms and moving into the present times and a form which will be understood by all, and not just a select few. We cannot and must not live in the past; yes, we can learn from the past, and we can build from past ideas, but we have to build a movement for the present and into the future. This can now be done through a dedicated Religious Movement despite the opposition to this from those who feel that a political or cultural way is superior. It has been tried and failed! The State Regime knows how to control and to manipulate political parties, having decades of experience. It also knows how to control street-active movements, and has done so successfully. 

That is not to say that we do not need political groups and cultural groups because we need to work at all levels, but we now need a strong religious motivation that will match that of the Muslims and Zionists whose motivation comes through religion and moves beyond the politics of left and right. If the English Folk are to survive it will need more than an ‘antiquarian’ movement that cannot get past the ‘Norman’ times – it will need a fanatical religious movement, and one that is based upon our own Ur-Religion and grows organically from the Soul of the English Folk. 

Woden’s Folk will be 18 years old on April 23rd 2016 and we are still bearing the Flame of Freedom for the English Folk, and still leading the English Resistance against the most oppressive regime in our history. The reason is that even when things go wrong, even in defeat, the only way is to get up again and carry on. This takes a strong Will, and it takes the Will-to-Power of Friedrich Nietzsche, and this is the only way that we cannot be defeated. We have had our share of problems and we have overcome them, we have had to change, to adapt, and that is the means to survive and to evolve. 

These islands have been occupied by peoples of Germanic Stock for thousands of years and this has now to be recognised – this did not begin in 449 CE with Hengest and Horsa and end in 1066 with the defeat of King Harold. We have to get out to these peoples of Germanic Stock within the Nations of Britain and this is the role WF has now taken up, to free us from the shackles of narrow-minded ‘nationalism’. We believe in the Free Nations of Europe, but these ‘nations’ may not be the large organisations that they are today, and perhaps the ‘Free Tribes of Europe’ would be a better way of saying this. 

The best means of moving forward at this time is through the creation of a number of groups, rather than one large group; these are less easy to destroy and at this time would prove more efficient. In any case the problem with the English at this time is that everyone wants to ‘lead’ even when they cannot do so, so many small groups would get us past the ego-problem for the moment whilst the True Leader arises – as He certainly will. If such groups could work together in loose alliances then all the better – then we would move forward! 

One of the many ways that our opponents try to dismiss any form of ‘nationalism’ in favour of ‘globalism’ (of whatever sort – they all lead to the same goal – a World State) is to say that nationalism causes wars. Well, in a sense I am afraid that they are quite right! These wars may have been carefully planned and manipulated but it is the nationalism of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century that created the scene for the massive wars that have rocked the planet since. Many of these ‘nations’ were false structures in the first place. These large ‘Nation-States’ paved the way for wars that claimed the life of millions, and they were once again built by an alien hand! 

The ‘Folk-Nation’ is not the ‘Nation-State’ that we know today, but will be a structure made from peoples of common stock coming together in a common cause and common destiny. The ‘death’ of the English Nation should thus be no cause to mourn, since this is merely the step towards the resurrection of the true English Folk-Nation which will be made up of the remnant of the old British State who are true to their Germanic Roots, less the ‘White Traitors’ who have betrayed their own kind who will fall away when the time comes for a renewal. 

An old Elizabethan Prophecy states – ‘When hemp is spun – England’s done!’ which has had many suggestions as to its meaning, but which seems to have been fulfilled when Sir (sic!) Paul McCartney spun cannabis (hemp) to make handbags some years ago. This was effectively the end of ‘England’. But this is not the end of the ENGLISH who are still here and fighting, even though we may seem few and far between at this time. Numbers have never counted for anything, and the masses have never changed anything unless they are moved by the few dedicated activists. The ENGLISH are still out there and they will one day awaken to this struggle.

For now we shall look to the saying by Schiller in ‘Wilhelm Tell’ – ‘The Greatest Men work Alone!’ Every great prophet or leader has spent some time alone whence he finds his true destiny, returning to the world in order to fulfill that destiny. This is why the Old Order sees fit to ridicule anyone who chooses to separate himself from the mob, chooses (like Zarathustra of Nietzsche) to become a’hermit’ for a time, until such times as he feels fit to take up his role and destiny in the struggle for freedom. 

Let our enemies gloat over what they believe to be a victory, for the victory was won long ago on the Spiritual Plane, when the right number of Einheriar in Valhalla was reached, and the number of ‘Shambhalla Warriors’ was reached on the Spiritual Planes. These Einheriar Warriors and Shambhalla Warriors will march out of Valhalla, led by Woden, and do battle with the Forces of Darkness and Chaos, knowing that they will go down (like us) fighting, and that the ‘Sons of the Gods’ would reign after them. The Mystery of Valhalla is the ‘resurrection’ of the Einheriar Warriors, who will incarnate into the flesh when the Last Avatar appears. He will lead the Legions of Light against the Servants of Darkness. That day is coming!


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