The Woden Folk-Religion

The dominant religion amongst the English is the Christian Religion which has a good number of branches of one sort or another; it must be made plain that the word ‘English’ is used for the indigenous population of England, and is not used in the modern (and incorrect) sense of anyone who lives in this land. It may well be that the vast majority of the English no longer consider themselves to be Christian, and indeed probably practice no religion at all. This could probably be said of the younger generations whose world revolves more around materialism and the consumer-society than with spiritual matters. There is obviously a void left as the Christian Religion gradually loses its hold over this country.

It is unfortunate that many nationalist organisations stick to a Christian outlook, and thus attract people to their cause, even when these people have no real interest in this religion any more – especially the young. The reason that they are attracted is due far more to their patriotic leaning than to their belief in any religion at all. A typical example is the EDL (English Defence League) which attracted patriotic football fans who (I would imagine) had little interest in religion at all, but the organisation pushed a Judaeo-Christian line as a form of new ‘crusade’ against the Muslims. The EDL was merely a street-active movement designed to counter ‘Islamic Terrorism’ without any real ideology or world-view, and which was financed from outside and controlled by forces that have set out to enslave and destroy the English Folk – hardly the basis for an ‘English’ movement! Likewise the BNP (British National Party) took the same type of Christian line in order to become ‘populist’ and again aided in the same type of ‘crusade’ against Islam. It seems that there were many Odinists pushed aside as the BNP moved towards a more Christian stance, but I have no idea how the situation is today – political parties usually work through political expediency rather than long-term policy (in this regard at least). So we have the main English and British organisations taking the same line, and furthering the cause of a new Christian-Islamic conflict which would certainly further the aims of the New World Order.

We can see from the above that large political movements are open to infiltration and also to manipulation and control by the forces that use them for their own ends. However, I do not seek to criticise the members of these movements who are no doubt sincere in their convictions and in their patriotism. Many people in the Armed Forces are attracted to such movements because these movements are today the only ones seen to combat Islam, which is seen in our era as the ‘great enemy’ of the world, especially here in England and in the USA. This is quite understandable because the British Establishment has drawn them into this conflict but has failed to stem the import of terrorism into this country, and continues to bring in more terrorists and allow ‘British’ (sic.) terrorists to train abroad and come back into the country. What people must realise is that the people responsible, including all of the main political parties and those who aid and abet their schemes, are the ones who need to be blamed for this state of affairs. This also goes for immigration as a whole, for it is no good blaming the immigrants for they are merely the result of a policy of flooding this country with outsiders. Whether this is done for cheap labour for Global Business, or as a deliberate attempt at the destruction of the English Folk really does not matter one jot – the result is the same!

Most people do not realise understand that both the Christian and Islamic religions are an offshoot of Judaism and are thus exactly the same in essence if not in form. They differ only in that Judaism is an exclusive religion for the Jews, whilst Christianity and Islam are more ‘universal’ in form and designed to convert people from all nations and races into their respective faiths. The one thing that is common to all three of these Judaic religions is that –

  • They ‘convert’ people to their respective religion.
  • This ‘conversion’ has at times been done through the use of violence and terror; this applies to Judaism as much as the other two, as can be seen from certain Old Testament tracts, by Christianity in its ‘Witch-Trials’, and is today promoted by certain sections of Islam where we are told that ‘infidels’ (those who do not take this faith) should be put to death. Christianity today will try to hide the vicious barbarity of its tactics to convert the English Heathens (and heathens of all the European Nations) but the facts are there for all to see. The destruction of English Heathenism did not start with the Norman invasion, it started with the rulers of the English enacting laws against the Heathens, some of which entailed the imposition of the death-penalty.
  • All three religions use the tactics of the ‘revolt of the masses’ against any form of Traditional Authority, and in this respect parallel the tactics of Marxist Communism. This tactic has been used to break down the authority of the leaders of the nations, thus allowing an alien leadership to take control.

We must now turn to a more in-depth study of the role of Christianity in the suppression of not only heathenism but also the original forms of Kristianity (I use this spelling to show the difference between these sects and the Established Church). Various Gnostic sects, the Cathars and the Knights Templar were viciously suppressed and their leaders and activists were tortured and murdered. This was due to some of these religious sects having a totally different view of Krist and also a different religious outlook. Esoteric Kristianity was far removed from how the Established Church developed, and was originally a threat to the world-wide ‘conversion’ to the new faith. If only those people who today consider themselves to be ‘Christian’ would make a careful study of the roots of their religion, and of the heretic religious sects that opposed the establishment of an oppressive religion throughout Europe.

It is perhaps wise to consider the term ‘oppressive’ here, for this is the essence of the three Judaic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. In the ancient Heathen Religions of the European Folk the true essence was the direct experience of ‘God’ or the ‘Gods’ without needing some form of mediator; indeed, this is really the essence of the term used by Krist – ‘The kingdom of God is within’ (which tells us something in that this has never been adopted by the Established Church). There were no doubt priests and shamans who would seem to act as mediators between the people and their gods, and this would have led sometimes to an abuse of this power, especially when any form of religion becomes centralised and organised. But in most tribal societies it was the head of each household that acted as the priest of the family, and the local Tribal Leader or Tribal King as the priest of the tribe. There is a vital difference between the Heathen and Judaic religions which I will tackle now.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity all seek to ‘convert’, whereas any Heathen Religion stems from the Folk-Soul of the people, at a family, tribal or national level (indeed, all three of these). The latter is thus already a part of the racial makeup of the particular group, and is based upon innate religious feelings, whereas the former is imposed upon people by stealth or force. To put this another way these slave-religions are merely a veneer that has been carefully added to a people and which is liable to break loose when the authority of that religion collapses. It is also clear that the slave-religions are based upon ‘faith’ and that the ‘Word of God’ (in all cases this is man-made to suit the priesthood) cannot be questioned. These all rely upon a ‘Holy Book’ (sic.) which is the ‘Word of God’, even though it is clear that these were written by men and in some cases were drastically changed over time to suit the aims of the priesthoods of the time. It is also clear that it is very much the interpretation of certain texts by the priesthood rather than the actual words of the book that are held to be ‘Holy’ and thus unquestionable.

The Woden Folk-Religion is tailored to suit the English Folk and is the essence of the Ur-Religion of the Arya but with the form of a new revived religion suited to our times. Our heathen outlook is life-centred and life-affirming which is a far more healthy religion rooted in Natural Law.  We believe in a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses rather than the ‘mono-god’ of the main-stream religions. Rather than any form of forced conversion people come to us through the Call of the Blood. More about the Woden Folk-Religion can be found on the Woden’s Folk and English Heathen websites.


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