The dominant religion amongst the English at this time is Christianity, a religion that is splintered into various different forms. When I say the ‘English’ this refers to the indigenous people of this country, and it is not used in the modern sense of anyone that lives in this land regardless of origins or race. The other religions that we find here in England are either minority religions that have been here for some time or late-comers that have been imported with the mass immigration that has taken place over the last 60 years or so. Using the term ‘dominant religion’ would seem to me to be correct in that it may have lost a great deal of its hold upon the English, the young especially, but its various factions must still make up a majority religion here in England.

I would think that the next largest religion would be ‘paganism’ but here we come to a major problem, for this has so many variations which have no unity or cohesion that calling it by the term ‘Old Religion’ would hardly make it one unified ‘pagan religion’. Indeed, if we study this ‘Old Religion’ carefully we can see that it neither ‘old’ nor a religion that our Folk practiced. Part of this new ‘paganism’ is Druidism, and merely a cursive glance will show that this is based upon a Welsh tradition rather than English. The modern ‘Witchcraft’ or ‘Wicca’ is just that – modern; it tries to link itself with some fanciful ‘Witch-hunts’ of the ‘Old Religion’ but its founders were twentieth century people who created this from their own ideas and tried to falsify links with the medieval times – links that find no proof in history. Most of this is a mixture of various different traditions put together in a chaotic form to suit the modern era – the Age of Chaos. The chaotic nature of Wicca can be seen in its feminist bias which goes against the very title of the religion with is male. Again, the name itself is Old English (Anglo-Saxon) which does not reflect its mainly ‘Celtic’ nature.

Since the nature of a great part of Wicca is based upon the worship of ‘The Goddess’ this is little more that an inversion of the mono-god religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity which have a male god. Some versions of the ‘Old Religion’ add in ‘The Horned God’ for good luck and to balance things out, but even this does not fit with the polytheistic heathen religions that are found in England. I say ‘religions’ because the Germanic Spirit here in England was not represented by an organised religion nor an organised priesthood. A look at the Druid Religion through its Welsh sources will show that there are clear Middle-Eastern traits throughout the writings, just as there are a great number of Hebrew names throughout Wales – names that cannot be found here in England. Perhaps we have here a clear indication as to why the ‘Britons’ that the Saxons found in these islands were called ‘Welsh’ – a name which means ‘foreigner’. These were clearly a Mediterranean people as opposed to the Germanic-Nordic people of the English. Before these people try to maintain that they were the first here and the Anglo-Saxons were ‘invaders’ there is growing proof that a considerable Germanic presence was already here before the Jutes came to Kent under Hengest and Horsa – this Germanic presence seems to have been called ‘Saxons’ at the time of the landing of Julius Caesar in 55BCE.

It is probably true to say that most people today do not believe in anything at all to do with religion, and will most likely ridicule anything related to spiritual values. The rabid advance of economic materialism has seen to that. It is also likely that most of those who profess to be Christians do not actually practice their religion since the churches are not actually full of worshippers today. Admittedly, certain fringe groups attract new numbers into Christianity because they offer new ways to attract young people – a lesson that perhaps we should learn from!

There is also a new rising of a new form of ‘Christian Crusade’ waged against Islam, which has come about through the so-called ‘War on Terror’. This has been (as usual) imported from the USA where Christian Fundamentalism is a powerful tool in creating the New World Order which needs a new ‘enemy’ for Christianity and Democracy to wage war against and thus gain new territories and the resources that these contain. Such nationalist organisations as the EDL and the BNP have adopted a Christian approach and their members have been led along the path of a new ‘crusade’ even though religion would probably be the last thing on their mind. Whilst taking this path the EDL has been carefully financed and built up as a tool for those who have imported this ‘Islamic Terrorism’ to these shores and are behind the plans for a New World Order – a Totalitarian World State.

We need to understand that both Islam and Christianity have their roots in Judaism, so we have the three major world religions based upon the same roots in the Middle-East. Judaism is a racial religion for the Jews, whilst Christianity and Islam are more ‘universal’ in that they take in people from any nation or race. The common factor within these three religions is that they all worship one single god and they are all based upon ‘converting’ people to their religion, all three of which have done so in the past through the use of violence, torture and killing anyone who does not follow their own ‘God’. The Old Testament shows how the Israelites were ‘converted’ to the ‘One God’ by violent methods, whilst Christianity tortured and murdered untold numbers of Heathens through its ‘witch-hunts’ and purges against anyone who did not conform to their dogmas. Islam still goes by the dogma that the ‘infidel’ should be slain.

The attack upon the English did not start with the invasion of the Normans, it started long before this when the rulers of the English enacted laws against Heathenism, some of which stated that anyone practicing heathen rites should be put to death. This must have been far more efficient than we have been told since nearly all of our Heathen Lore has been lost completely, whereas in Iceland the Norse Myths were preserved, even if distorted to some extent. If we compare what we have left with the amount of knowledge held in the Hindu Vedas we can see how much we have lost. The Vedas from India have been saved because this land has never been subject to alien religions, that is not until Islam began to spread to India and caused a great rift that has never healed. Don’t forget that the Vedas can be traced back thousands of years, far longer than the mere 1500 years of the history of the English here in this island.

The more ancient Heathen Religions arose from within the Folk-Soul of the Germanic Race and were never imposed by force upon others. Neither were they organised and centralised religions in the sense of the three main world religions of today. Druidism seems to have been an exception but this we have seen to be driven by an alien elite rather than a Folk-Religion. This would perhaps have not originally been so but there is evidence that it was used as a centralised religion over the people.

Christianity did not wage war against the heathens alone, for it also waged war against any heretical Kristian sect that did not abide by its dogma. Hence the vicious suppression of the Cathars and the Knights Templar, as well as many more less known sects that stood in the path of its ‘universal’ imperialism. I have used the spelling ‘Kristian’ to make clear that these sects were opposed to the growing might of what they saw as a totally distorted religion.

It must seem fairly clear from what I have said here that the three major world-religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all based upon the original Judaic Religion practiced by the Jews of the Middle-East. They are all based upon the concept of a centralised priesthood that mediates between the people and ‘God’ which goes totally against all Aryan Religions which are based upon the concept that ‘God’ is within man and that man can have a direct experience of ‘God’. Even the words of ‘Jesus Christ’ bear out the fact that this was the original doctrine he preached – the ‘Kingdom of God is within’. This has never been taken up by the Established Church since it would mean a loss of power to their priesthood.

Those who have direct experience of ‘God’ and direct religious experience have to be seen as more ‘awake’ than the mass of people who need a priest to mediate for them. This is why these religions require a ‘flock’ (of sheep) that conforms and believes what they are told. Indeed, what they are told to believe is the ‘Word of God’ which must be obeyed unquestioningly, even though it is clear that much of their ‘Holy Books’ are nothing more than lies and propaganda for the priesthood – written by men and not by ‘God’. Indeed, it is the interpretation of the texts, done by the priesthood, that their followers are forced to believe.

We have had around 2000 years of a religion that is totally alien to the soul of the English Folk, a religion imposed upon our Folk by torture and murder. If this had been OUR religion it would never need imposing by force, neither would it contain nothing but Middle-Eastern tales, many of which were taken from various ancient civilisations and distorted to suit a Middle-Eastern priesthood that sought world domination and (as the Old Testament states) to ‘subdue the earth’. Even if this is losing its control here in England there is nothing positive to replace it, at least nothing at the moment strong enough or large enough to take hold within the English Folk. The so-called ‘Old Religion’ is nothing more than another distortion, and we now have a threat of an Islamic drive to force their arm of the Judaic religions upon us through force of arms (‘Islamic Terrorism’) as well as through gradually outnumbering our own people as the birth-rate of the English declines in numbers, and more important in quality.

The only answer to this is that the English adopt Wodenism as their religion, since this is their True Religion and the one that arose from the Folk-Soul of the English. The God of the English is Woden and the Germanic Spirit still lives here in England. Woden’s Folk promotes this most ancient religion of our Folk, and we were first to revive this here in England. This religion is not confined to Woden’s Folk because it has spread further afield through various different groups working towards a similar end.

A new Folk-Religion can bridge the divide between ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ and unite the English under one banner – the White Dragon Banner of the English. This could never be done through politics alone, nor through a cultural revival alone, since the degeneration of the English Nation is due to a spiritual sickness that needs a Spiritual Revolution.


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